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hence the large cake

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Strawberries were on sale this week. On sale, as in so cheap the supermarket could just as well have given them away, type of cheap. So I bought a ton of strawberries, not just to make this cake but to have plain or to make milkshakes out of. This is a two layer 9” x 13” cake covered with cream cheese whipped cream frosting and garnished with hearts cut out from strawberries hair care.

This is a lot of cake. It’s enough to feed a crowd, and then some. But if you’re looking to make just a regular size cake instead, this earlier recipe for Strawberry Cream Cake just might fit the bill. I had so many strawberries I wanted to use them as much as I could in between the cake layers, hence the large cake.

Basically, I baked two 9″ x 13″ layers, covered the first layer with cream cheese whipped cream frosting, generously topped that layer with chopped strawberries, covered the strawberries with another layer of frosting and then placed the second cake layer on top. Then I covered the entire cake with the same frosting, and roughly made markers on top of the cake to make some kind of design and garnished the top with cutouts from the strawberries mortgage calculator.

I sliced the strawberries horizontally in half and used a heart shaped cookie cutter to form the cutouts.

A few years ago I chanced upon a show on TV selling strawberry plants. The pitch was, if you buy the plants, in a matter of months, you’ll be harvesting tons and tons of strawberries, just like the strawberries they had on the show. And they had this huge, basketful of beautiful strawberries… right. Being the impulsive buyer that I am, I ordered a few plants and got them in the mail a few days later. I didn’t waste time planting them in the backyard. I had visions of stepping out into my strawberry patch to harvest baskets upon baskets of strawberries. Hah! It took almost a year before anything happened. And guess how many strawberries I got out of those plants bvi offshore company… one!

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