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Kitchenaid when I can

十二月 30th, 2014 / 美食介紹 / categories: 生活 /

You know what’s kind of funny? Sometimes I forget that I’m asian. Is that weird? I think it’s kind of what happens when you grow up in a small town with only 2 other Vietnamese families, and none of the kids go to your school. It was only when I brought this to school with me for dinner that I realized how much of a banana I really was (racially speaking, yellow on the outside, white on the inside), when my friend was eating rice with steamed vegetables and chinese sausage, while I was eating basically cheese and potatoes. There are also times where I walk around Toronto and actually hear people other than my family speak Vietnamese. This led to a double-take the first three or four times this happened to me. Also the fact that I have tofu on a regular basis with lemongrass and I like putting soy sauce on my eggs also reminds me that I’m asian.

But asian or not, you will like these potatoes. If you’ve had scalloped potatoes before, they’re pretty much the same thing, except that these have a crust and aren’t as creamy in texture. Significantly less butter than in scalloped potatoes because you don’t have to dot the potatoes with butter, but there’s more cheese. So…it’s a tradeoff FSDU.

On a side note, I’ve been working on going back and adding different categories to my posts, as well as reuploading photos. So I apologize in advance to the people who are subscribed via RSS feed, because their feeds will update when I update olds posts. Which I guess is good for me because if you’re a new subscriber, you’ll see my old stuff that you may not have seen before. And if you’re a continuing subscriber, well you can laugh at me behind your computer screen while I try to hide the hideous pictures that were in my blog posts when I first started this blog Tour operators

If you plan on making this dish, I highly recommend a mandolin or a food processor that can slice your food. I just got one for Christmas, and OH. MY. GOD. New kitchen appliances to me are like power tools to people who like power tools (I’m not going to say men here because I know plenty of people who friggin LOVE power tools and they are not all men). I still had to peel the potatoes, but I sliced 6 potatoes in about a minute. It was awesome. I also diced an onion in like 3 seconds (though I had to peel that too…). AND I SHREDDED 2 CUPS OF CHEESE IN LIKE 10 SECONDS veuve clicquot.

I was probably a little too excited, but let’s get real. Nobody likes shredding cheese. Your arm gets tired, you hate getting that last bit of cheese that is too thin to grate, but is too big to do anything but eat, but nobody really wants to eat that hunk of cheese so you try to push it through the grater and it just…fails? Yeah this thing is awesome. I also made fudge in it the other day. And pie crust. Seriously, this is right up there next to KitchenAid Stand mixer and Cuisinart immersion blender in the “My favourite kitchen appliance” category. Two of my favourite name brands, although I own significantly more Cuisinart appliances. They make sturdy stuff for a price that doesn’t totally kill your wallet. I mean I still wait for sales but I aim for Cuisinart and Kitchenaid when I can electric dc motor.

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