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I could have ever imagined

一月 29th, 2015 / / categories: 生活 /

Look at the color…look at the beauty! One indulgent mountain of deliciousness on a plate. Truly a feast for the eyes and the tummy.

Do you ever kind of cautiously try a recipe, thinking it probably won’t be that great? But you take the plunge and make it anyway? That’s what I did with this one. And folks, I gotta tell ya. I’m glad I did. Because I totally underestimated this baby. I thought it would be “meh” at best. But it was WAY better and way yummier than I could have ever imagined hong thai travel.

I’m really digging this tacos on a pita thing. First of all, they’re on whole wheat pitas, so they’re healthier. Then, you pile whatever toppings you want on them. Don’t forget the melty cheese to counteract the healthy pita because, let’s face it, foregoing the cheese would be a cardinal sin. For these, I went with shredded chicken from a roast chicken I had on hand and added some Spanish rice and roasted corn (from some of my last fresh corn cobs sigh). Sprinkle with tomatoes, lettuce, more cheese, black olives, salsa, fresh cilantro and voila! You have a hearty, fresh, yummy taco that I’d advise you eat with a fork and knife. But if you want to go all cray-cray and eat it with your hands, I totally won’t judge hong thai travel.

The possibilities are endless with this recipe. Put whatever protein and veggies and sauces you want on these and I guarantee you’re gonna love ‘em. Next I’m going to try them with this Cafe Rio pork hong thai travel

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