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Welcome to another sponsored post for the Idaho Potato Commission. I love working with them because they are great people, and I get to cook with potatoes. That’s a win-win every time! I have a super-flavorful recipe for a Vegan Slow Cooker Potato and Bean Mole for you just in time for the weekend apartments for rent in hk.

If you haven’t made mole before you might be a little intimidated, but it’s so much easier than you think it is. You will need to find dried chili peppers. Many regular grocery stores will have packages of them in their international section. In fact, I just got some from my local Aldi’s. You can also get them online or at a Latin grocery. In my area, that’s Compare Foods.

Vegan Slow Cooker Idaho® Potato and Bean Mole

Once you have those chilies right in your hand, you need to open them up and take out the seeds and stems. The chilies we are using here aren’t very hot, but you can always wear gloves to make sure you don’t transfer the chili oils anywhere unpleasant. I always seem to want to touch my eye.

Next you’ll toast them in a dry skillet until they become fragrant. Then you’ll put them in a pan of water and reconstitute them. After cooking they will puree easily and smoothly with the other mole ingredients in your blender .


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