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In response to the possibility of such a collision, plans have been proposed to destroy the asteroid with nuclear weapons. But all the nuclear weapons accumulated on earth can only be used to blow up an asteroid nine kilometers in diameter and to hit the center accurately, and the consequences of a nuclear explosion in the universe are unpredictable.

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Other options for dealing with asteroids, such as lasers or lead ingots, are being considered. NASA plans to use a gravity tractor to deflect the asteroid as it passes near earth in 2029, sending a gravity tractor spacecraft that weighs about a ton and changes its orbit. According to calculations by astronomers, apophis’s orbit will change slightly as a result of the flyby, but when it returns in 2036, the chance of a collision with earth is very small, just 1 in 5,000.

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Although speculation about the demise of the dinosaurs makes the forecast the result of an asteroid hit the earth become apart, but with the development of science and technology, from I do not know the asteroid was to accurately understand, then to bold prediction, the progress of civilization that we believe in the power of science, presumably there will always be a response to the “intruder" perfect method.

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Black holes, the mysterious objects that consume everything, charm us, and never stop. But more than 50 years on, the search for black holes is still in its infancy.

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In order to study the fundamental physical properties of high-energy dense celestial bodies such as black holes and neutron stars and their influence on the surrounding space-time, the institute of high-energy physics of the Chinese academy of sciences and the fifth academy of aerospace science and technology group developed China’s first space X-ray astronomical satellite – the hard X-ray modulation telescope (HXMT) satellite.


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